Are Balterio laminate floors suitable for floor heating?

Yes, all Balterio laminate floors can be combined with floor heating or cooling at low temperature. The maximum permitted contact temperature is 27°C for both traditional heating elements (hot water or electrical) and heating films that are installed on the underfloor. A number of installation instructions must be adhered to.

Laminate and floor heating

When using a laminate floor with floor heating, the total thermal resistance must not exceed 0,15 m2 K/W. The higher the thermal resistance, the longer it will take for the floor to heat up and the less efficient your floor heating will be. The thermal resistance of Balterio laminate combined with one of our underlays can be found in the specific guidelines for floor heating.

Important: install an insulating layer (which is a better insulator than laminate) under the floor heating to reflect the heat and conduct it up through the floor.

Laminate and floor cooling

Floor cooling works to the same principle as floor heating, but uses cold water instead of hot water. As such, it’s important to have an advanced operating and protection system in place to prevent internal condensation and water damage.

To use floor cooling, a thermal resistance of 0,09 m2 K/W or less is recommended. In some cases, a minimum capacity loss is unavoidable.

Installing a laminate floor with floor heating

The floor should always be “floating”. For the best results, we recommend the Silent Walk underlay. The general installation guidelines apply, unless our specific guidelines for floor heating specify otherwise. You should always contact your Balterio dealer if you are unsure.

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